littleroo27 (littleroo27) wrote in plenitudinous,

I can't believe it's finally happening!!!

I'm going in for lap-band surgery on Friday!!! And what's super cool is that I've lost 24 lbs already! Whoot!

Top Weight: 331 lbs / 145.6 kgs / 23.6 stone
Current Weight: 307 lbs / 139.25 kgs / 21.9 stone
Goal Weight: 150 lbs / 68 kgs / 10.7 stone (some day!)

Lap-Band Surgery: September 14, 2007
Dr. Takata at Scripps Green Hospital

In totally unrelated news, I finally found bras that fit (46H from Lane Bryant)! Unfortunately, the side-bar supports enjoy stabbing my armpits repeatedly. *sigh* I need to cut like three inches off the sides and make them curve gently downwards on the sides. Unfortunately, I do not make corsets and have no idea how to do such a thing!
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