keikokin (keikokin) wrote in plenitudinous,

Sick weight loss


I've been sick with the flu. And I'm now down to 225. SQUEE!! Rotten way to lose weight, but damn it I'll take it. Besides I got to read a load of fanfic!

Exercise wise I'm now doing a Karate Do thing on Sundays, sort of a free private tutor. Very kewl, the movements don't jar or bother my back at all. And it gives me some flexibility. Unfortunately I still overdo at the house.

I'm starting to put honey in my tea to see if I can wean myself off the sugar. Instead of having sandwiches I have roll-ups and just drink a ton of water.

I know at the start of the year I was essentially 250. So to lose 25 pounds? Am I happy?

You bet your sweet bippy!!

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